Reorganization of the group of companies and interim management of Belarus' company of the Swiss based holding.

Development of a concept for the retail network with analysis of land for the construction of new shopping centres in Minsk and other cities.

The project in the field of improving the energy efficiency of enterprises in the public sector of Belarus: development of a standard investment model (business plan) and support for attracting investment in four pilot projects through the ESCO.

Due diligence of a Belarusian company by request of the European investor in connection with a M&A transaction. Integrated advisory support of M&A deal.

Analysis of the land for the construction of a shopping and entertainment complex. Measurement of traffic and pedestrian flows near the object and passing points in the zone of influence. Competition analysis. Assessment of the potential development of the territory. Development of a preliminary project concept.

Accompanying the entry of a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products into the market of Belarus: conducting market analysis, consultations on the organization of production of meds, incorporation of a joint venture.

Investment project for the construction of a plant for large-panel housing in Belarus: feasibility study development.

Comprehensive support of the investment project for the construction of a business center: full marketing research, development of the object’s concept, business plan development, support for raising funds.

Analysis of the Belarusian market of technologies and equipment for food production with an in-depth study of the dairy, meat and bakery industries.

Representing the interests of the manufacturer of technological equipment when entering the market of Belarus: analysis of opportunities and prospects, search for partners.

Development of business plans and attracting investment in innovative projects in the field of agriculture, including the government targeted funding programs.

Consultations in the construction of a new hotel in Minsk: marketing research of the hotel services market, preparation of recommendation list on the concept of the object, business plan development.

Supporting entry into the market of a building materials producer: marketing research of the Belarusian market of building materials, search for business partners, development of a market entry strategy.

Participation since 2006 in projects of the World Bank and International Finance Corporation in Belarus.