A deep understanding of the market is crucial in every industry. Market research should be the first and most important step in the Belarus market entry projects. The results of research can be a critical factor in the success or failure of a business. And based on research results, company will make decisions about market potential and opportunities.

Valex Consult provides marketing research in all spheres of Belarus economy and industry (B2B and B2C) through a complete range of qualitative and quantitative methods. Delivered market report, industry sector analysis, market entry feasibility study, risk analysis or opportunity study is usually based on thorough analysis of reliable information gathered from and verified by secondary and primary sources, while both market research and market intelligence techniques and tools are applied.

We offer the following market analysis and research:

  • Macroeconomic Overview
  • Industry Sector Analysis
  • B2B Market Sizing, Segmentation & Forecasts
  • B2C Market Demand & Potential
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Typical Distribution Channels
  • Pricing Levels
  • Typical Marketing Channels
  • Market Access Requirements

We have a wide-ranging experience and all the resources needed to conduct effective market research and analysis. Our reports contain only verified and the most current information.

Market report usually include:

  • Structure and size of the market and key market trends
  • Factors affecting the development of the industry
  • Key opportunities and threats
  • Industry forecasts for the upcoming years
  • Characteristics of competitors and the factors of their success
  • Analysis of attractive business models of leading companies

We use collected information to make recommendations for our clients regarding development prospects on the market, identification of potential customers and areas of expansion, setting realistic business goals, development marketing strategy.