In Belarus very often you will need business-plan, which should be develop in accordance with local standards and regulations, for communications with government authorities about investment project or in order to receive special status, for example Hi-Tech Park residence. Traditionally considered the key to success, a good business plan should describe your objectives, forecasts and routes, a plan should provide clarity on how you intend to take your business from paper to profit and expand a business in Belarus.

Here is a quick guide to follow in preparation of business-plan and feasibility study:

  • Summary of business essential if you are showing plan to potential investors.
  • Description of  company; its products or services; why you are selling them; who you are selling them to.
  • Marketing & Sales who is going to buy  product or service, and why? How will you get your product or service to them?
  • Management and Workforce will you take existing employees or hire people overseas?
  • Operational Considerations offices, factories, production facilities, locations, management systems and IT.
  • Finance costs and forecast: this is where your intentions turn into figures.

We offer professional services in development and support of business plans for investment projects, feasibility studies, investment memorandums, as well as consulting services in this field. Our experience in development and support of business plans and knowledge of the Belarus specific allows us to optimize work, identifying possible project risks at its initial stages, and to overcome them. We also support our business plans during negotiations with state authorities, local partners, banks.

Our company specializes in development of business-plans and feasibility studies:

  • Business-plan for state authorities: for registration as a resident of a FEZ (Free Economic Zone) or a Hi-Tech Park.
  • Business-planning for privatization purpose.
  • Business-plan to obtain a bank loan.
  • Investment business-plan for creation of the new business or joint venture with local partner.

During 8-years work at the market we have prepared over 200 business projects, involving local and foreign investment. We work according to international standards (UNIDO, TASIC, EBRD) and local standards (rules of the Ministry of Economic and Ministry of Finance). We guarantee an individual approach, high-quality feasibility study preparation, work efficiency, as well as ensure the confidentiality of your information.